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DDOS Protection help you to defend server from attackers

Posted by shazim on 20 02 2017. 0 Comments

As the time is passing and techonolgy is emerging the loopholes or security threat is turning out to be a strong point for concern . Many remains clueless as the methods for breach of securities are evolving at a high pace . It is always dependant on who holds the upperhand (Attackers or Defenders) in the scenario . every time a expensive security method comes in the attackers are able to find the deffeciencies and loopholes of the system .

The Emerging –

As we dicussed about the threats a common one we can encounter is DDOS attack . It has emerged from DOS attack where the the attcacker overloads the server with external communication request which results in victim unable to respond due to legimate traffic . DDOS can be said the updated version of the above where server is attacked by not just one but many attackers which takes the difficulty or complications to a whole new level . There have been many instances where DDOS attacks have toppled down whole corporations or even web hosting companies . Here the attacker can take control and use any computer including your to attack .

DDOS refers to – Distributed Denial Of Sevice .

It is distributed here because multiple computers are used to carry this Denial Of Service . You may think that these attacks will be targeted only on the huge and important websites like of banks and etc , but you never know when any of your strong competetor can adopt this method to bring your business down . In some cases hackers target to small websites in order o practise their skills.

How to Identify the attack ?

It is a challenging task as one can hardly seperate these attcks from the genuine traffic . Many technical aspects like server disruption , maintainance process and etc can be mistakely taken as DOS attacks .

But there are some symptoms you san notice –

<> Sudden and drastical increase in the amount of spam you get .
<> Inability to access websites
<> Abnormal behavious of network like automatically opening the files , accessing websites and etc .
<> Constant unavailability of specific websites .

How to protect your website from this-

A harsh reality is that there is no full proof method to avoid theses attacks . But there are some strategies that can help us with the same . Following are some –
* First and most common is acquiring and maintaining an adequate anti virus software .
* As this is a problem generated by traffic , so the ultimate guide to avoid this is considering the Firewall service in order to restict and have a check at the traffic entering .
* Adopting and practising good preventive measures while distributing your email , applying email filters is also a good option .
* Lastly but the most effective one is to retain the service of a reputed web hoster with full prove methods of tackling DDOS attacks in place of some inexpensive web hosters with low security measures .

DDOS Protection Cloudflare .

Cloudflare Inc is a USA based company having registered office at San Francisco in California .
It provides following services –
> DDOS Protection
> Domain name server
> Reverse Proxy
> Content dilevery network
> Web application firewall

Protection from DDOS at Cloudflare

* Cloudflare claims that it has successfully defended the attack of Spamhaus which is publically stated as largest DDOS attack in the internet history .
*Cloudflare is also reported to absorb the attack over 400 GBT’s from an NTP reflection attack .
* Cloudflare offers a ” I’m Under attack mode ” services for its customer . It has a strong claim that this service will help them mitigate the advance layer 7 attack .
* The above action is done by presenting a javascript computational challenge that user is required to fulfill inorder to access the website .
* Their effeciency is proved and trusted by its 55,00,000 customers over different industries .

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