Why today are mostly use dedicated server because 100% secure and good reliability server.

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When thinking of dedicated server hosting the first thing that comes to mind is that you would have an entire dedicated hosting server to yourself.No one shares any of the resources of the server with you, like you would get with shared hosting and VPS hosting.Typically, when ordering a dedicated hosting server service you would have full control over the hardware and you would have full control over the server, including operating system and other configuration.Usually, the dedicated hosting server is rented from a data center or third party provider, but many datacenters also offer co-location.Co-location is where you own the server outright, but rent space in a server cabinet along with other features and services, such as bandwidth, backups, support etc.Even the largest hosts will either rent of co-locate their servers in a third party datacenter (see SiteGround for instance) For the purpose of this article, we will be discussing features of a rented dedicated hosting server.Another type of dedicated hosting that is increasingly gaining traction is the sharing of a dedicated server.Essentially, this is where a host parcels up the resources of a high powered server into smaller pieces.Whilst this would appear similar to a VPS, the fundamental difference is that the resources are dedicated to the customer.Whilst a server offering VPS may be oversold (i.e. more resources sold than the server has on the presumption that not everyone will use all their resources), a dedicated hosting plan would ensure no overselling, and that the resources are always available for the customer when required.In some cases these will be called “Hybrid Hosting” (for example A Small Orange offers this), although some hosts may just call it dedicated hosting without referring to the fact the server is shared by multiple parties.An example of the latter is ideastack.Fully managed Includes monitoring, software updates, reboots, security patches and operating system upgrades.Quite often the customer does not need to carry out any maintenance tasks at all.Includes medium level of management, monitoring, updates, and a limited amount of support. The customer may carry out changes to the server themselves if needed.Includes regular monitoring and some maintenance. Customers provide most operations and tasks on dedicated server, and is better suited to those who know what they are doing.Little to no involvement from service provider. Customers provide all maintenance, upgrades, patches, and security.This usually is the cheapest option, but you need extensive knowledge to successfully run an unmanaged servers required.

Every type of organization small or large should consider taking dedicated email hosting services

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Email is considered to be one of the most effective ways of communication for businesses and hence it is of great importance.There are several benefits of having dedicated email hosting solutions and that is the only reason why more and more businesses, small as well as large, have started to go with it. When looking for an apt business email service there are several things that a user needs to consider. Quality and the cost of the service are some of the factors that need to be considered.There are several advantages that businesses have when they opt for email hosting services, here are some of them.The biggest benefit that comes with email solution is that it brings along a great level of security to all type of mailing communication.Email hosting providers provide this service with tools like IMAP and POP, which assures no important data gets lost and no unauthorized party has any access to it. These tools basically go ahead and encrypt the data and ensure that no third-party can easily view the information that is being sent.Anti Virus & Anti Spam.Going through unwanted mails becomes very tedious and tiring for users. Instead of concentrating on important emails, users have to spend time on reading useless emails. This can be prevented by using dedicated email solutions. When using dedicated email services one does not have to worry about spam mails or any fictitious virus.Almost all service providers provide email services with several Anti-spam & Anti-virus filters. These filters ensure that no unwanted mail or virus can break through into the systems.Address Book Sharing.Address book sharing is one of the best features of email hosting services. This feature allows the user to not only add contacts in the address book, but also the ability to share contact details with others within the address book.Storage Space: Most service providers provide customized storage space to their customers.Depending upon the specific customer requirement, email service providers go ahead and customize the storage space.These are just few advantages of taking dedicated email services.Every type of organization, small or large, should consider taking dedicated email hosting services.If you are also considering taking dedicated email services, contact ideastack. ideastack offers reliable and cost-effective email hosting solutions for your business, guaranteeing 99.99 % uptime, and offering 24/7 technical assistance.A business email hosting service not only makes your communication more professional but also increases your brand value. Using a professional mail account with your business domain name will give much more credibility to your business as your customers will trust you more.Most service providers provide customized storage space to their customers. Depending upon the specific customer requirement, email service providers go ahead and customize the storage space.

How to allow multiple Remote desktop session in windows server 2008?

In windows server 2003 you can make multiple remote desktop session with the same user but in server 2008 it is not possible.

If you will try to login with same user account it will be taken by second session.
But by changing a registry key, we can allow multiple Remote Desktop session per user.

There are some steps which you have follow:

Step 1: Go to start and in search option type regedit.

Step 2: Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServer

Step 3:
Please check fSingleSessionPerUser value, if does not exist please create a new DWORD value and named it fSingleSessionPerUser.

Step 4: Now open the fSingleSessionPerUser value. and chenge the setting as given below
0x0 Allow Multiple session Per User
0x1 Force each user to a single session

Step 5: Save it.




SEO hosting is the right choice for any webmasters

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Now days are gone by and the technology is getting changed in the fastest way.Today which is the latest and most updated is replaced by another new device and the space of time between them is very short.So if we consider SEO host is the most updated and is would be wrong because the very place obtained by SEO hosting is replaced by the most updated C class IP hosting. But to be a proficient and successful web host, one should have a sound knowledge on both SEO and C class IP hosting.At first we have to know what a multiple IP hosting is.Multiple IP hosting is hosting the domain by using the same server.There are different search engines by which the domains can be hosted by non- identically from one another by using the same server.It works by hosting the domain which is allotted an individual IP by the web host. These IPs have different C class.Though the domain is hosted in a single server, there are blocks for the IPs and they are quite different from one another.People, who are going to start their web business, request to the hosting company for the list of the available IPs from them.The web hosting companies provide web assistants for the customer service.By watching the list and discussing with the company representatives, they can easily choose the right IP for their purpose.It is of a great help for the armatures.Before processing, the users are asked the check the IPs if they are rotatable, the number of IP blocks and the space in them.Most of the reputed companies ensure the authenticity of their words and service.It is confused by most of the webmasters that C class IP hosting is quite same with the shared hosting. It is something wrong.After a close inspection, it would be clear that, C class IP hosting is capable of providing the best service.Interlinking is possible in the C class IP hosting, that is not available for the other servers. After building up the with C class IP hosting, it is possible to create link wheels, blog99 farms and other interlinking Web.And it is the most correct solution to choose the SEO hosting and C class IP hosting in order for your higher ranking.And when you compare the cost with the other server in the present market, C class IP would appear before you as the most affordable option.So, SEO hosting is the right choice for any webmasters.Eespecially I have seen many web-hosting companies offers a complete new package by saying it as SEO hosting, where they give Private I.P’s for your every site.This way, even being on shared hosting, for the outside world you are on a different system and won’t be counted as hosted on the same server as others.Seo hosting is just like multiple c class ip.We provide best seo hosting services and technical support.

How to add MX record in Cpanel?

Mx Record:

Mx record is the type of DNS record which is known as Mail Exchanger.MX record is resposible to send and recieve the the mail.
The MX record st to point canonical hostname. the hostname has another record which is known as “A(Address)” record.the A record of server is handling the email for your domain.
you can see there is multiple MX records which is work on priority which we will have to set on our host.when mail will first of it will check for lowest priority.if that server does not
respond,it will go to next.
Now we will see how to add mx record into cpanel:

Please follow the steps to add MX record into cpanel:
Step 1: First of login into the Cpanel with user account.

Step 2: Once you login into the cpanel, find icon MX entry in the mail section.

Step 3: Once you got MX entry just click on it and select your domain from drop down list.
select domain

Step 4: Now we need to set mx priority,there is one option i.e “Set Google MX” just click on it.it will automatically set the google priority.
MX priority